Asian Dramas Streaming on Netflix

Last updated/checked: December 10, 2018.

Yes, I decided to compose this list of Asian dramas streaming on Netflix. The thing to note about Netflix is that streaming availability comes and goes depending on licensing agreements and the like, so who knows how long these dramas will stream? Also, dramas do come back, so I don’t remove dramas that are no longer streaming just in case they are relicensed. Those dramas are moved to the bottom of the page.

If you’re looking for more varieties and options (including simulcasts), then Viki and KOCOWA are best for those things.

I try to update this list with any new additions every Monday evening. Sometimes there is nothing new, so the update date doesn’t change for several weeks. Please note that I live in the United States, so dramas listed may not be available if you do not live in the US. I have now started adding links to dramas that are marked as Coming Soon that do have a valid link up and running. I am not marking them such in here, though, so apologies. Keep up with my blog posts for the latest updates on that info along with what release dates I find.

Available on Netflix Currently

As a side note, I listed the Netflix genre links for Korean TV shows below. They don’t have that for any other Asian dramas. That being said, you can find them all using Just a note that this is for all international TV shows, so it might be hard to wade through to find just the Asian ones, but the Suggestions for You sort option can kind of help. You can also alphabetize the list.

Chinese Dramas

  1. Accidentally In Love
  2. Ashes of Love [Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost]
  3. Best Lover [NOT dubbed, this is both in Korean and Mandarin]
  4. Chosen
  5. Day and Night
  6. Diamond Lover
  7. Dancing Angels [Fei Chang Nu Sheng]
  8. Eternal Love [10 Miles of Peach Blossoms]
  9. Here to Heart
  10. Ice Fantasy
  11. King’s War [Legend of Chu and Han]
  12. Love o2o [One Smile is Very Alluring]
  13. A Love So Beautiful
  14. Meteor Garden 2018
  15. Pretty Man
  16. Qin Empire: Alliance
  17. The Rise of Phoenixes
  18. Take My Brother Away
  19. Tientsin Mystic

Filipino Dramas

  1. AMO

Hong Kong Dramas

  1. OCTB

Indian Dramas

  1. Agent Raghav
  2. Anjaan: Special Crimes Unit
  3. Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan
  4. Bh Se Bhade
  5. Bhaage Re Mann
  6. Buddha
  7. Darr Sabko Lagta Hai
  8. Dharmakshetra
  9. Fear Files… Har Mod Pe Darr
  10. Gabru: Hip Hop Rrvolution
  11. Gangs of Hassepur [variety]
  12. GHOUL
  13. The Great Escape
  14. The House That Made Me Seasons 1-3 [reality]
  15. Khan: No. 1 Crime Hunter
  16. Jhansi Ki Rani
  17. Khelti Hai Zindagi Aankh Micholi
  18. Khotey Sikkey
  19. Little Things Seasons 1-2
  20. Maharakshak Devi
  21. Maharakshak: Aryan
  22. Mahi Way
  23. Mere Papa  Hero Hiralal
  24. My Life My Story
  25. Powder
  26. Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya
  27. Queens of Comedy [reality]
  28. Rab Se Sohna Isshq
  29. Ramayam
  30. Razia Sultan
  32. Sacred Games
  33. Satrangi
  34. Stories by Rabindranath Tagore
  35. Swami Baba Ramdev: The Untold Story
  36. Yeh Meri Family

Japanese Dramas

  1. Ainori Love Wagon: Asian Journey [reality show]
  2. Atelier
  3. Blazing Transfer Students
  4. The Could’ve-Gone-All-the-Way Committee (talk show?)
  5. Erased
  6. Final Fantasy XIV: Father of Light
  7. Good Morning Call Seasons 1 & 2
  8. HIBANA -Spark-
  9. Japanese Style Originator (TV show, not a drama)
  10. Jimmy ~The True Story of a True Idiot~
  11. Kakegurui
  12. Kantaro the Sweet Tooth Salaryman (aka Salaryman Kantaro)
  13. Love and Hong Kong
  14. The Many Faces of Ito (aka Ito-kun A to E)
  15. Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories
  16. Million Yen Women
  17. Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo [listed under Mischievous Kiss 1]
  18. Mischievous Kiss 2: Love in Tokyo [listed under Mischievous Kiss 2]
  19. Mob Psycho 100
  20. My Little Lover ~Minami-kun no Koibito~
  21. REA(L)OVE [reality show]
  22. Re:Mind
  23. Samurai Gourmet
  24. Smoking
  25. Spiritual House [talk show]
  26. Switched
  27. Terrace House [reality show]
    1. Aloha State
    2. Boys & Girls in the City Seasons 1-2
    3. Opening New Doors Seasons 1-4

Korean Dramas

Korean TV Shows on Netflix can be be accessed here: The specific link for Korean dramas is I do wish there were genre cheat codes for the Taiwanese, Chinese, and Japanese dramas as well. Just a note that both of those links should give you most of the dramas and shows available, but only if they were tagged properly. Got to love technology.

  1. 12 Years Promise
  2. 28 Moons
  3. Abnormal Summit (variety show)
  4. Aftermath
  5. After School: Lucky or Not Season 2
  6. Age of Youth Seasons 1 & 2 [listed under Hello, My Twenties!]
  7. Argon
  8. Bad Guys
  9. Bad Guys: Vile City (or Evil City or Age of Evil)
  10. Black
  11. Boys Over Flowers (or watch on Hulu | Viki)
  12. Busted (variety show)
  13. Cain and Able
  14. Can We Get Married?
  15. Chef & My Fridge (variety show Please Take Care of My Refrigerator)
  16. Cheo Yong
  17. Click Your Heart
  18. Color of Woman
  19. The Cravings Seasons 1 & 2
  20. Detective Alice
  21. Dramaworld
  22. Fall in Love with Soon Jung/Falling for Innocence [listed under Beating Again]
  23. Fantastic
  24. Gap Dong
  25. Good-bye Mr. Black
  26. Goodbye, My Wife (aka Goodbye Dear Wife/Goodbye Wife)
  27. Happy And (possibly alternate title to Happy Ending?)
  28. Heaven’s Garden
  29. The Homecoming (variety show)
  30. Hidden Singer (variety show)
  31. Hymn of Death (aka Death Song, Praise of Death)
  32. Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast (reality show) Seasons 1 & 2
  33. Immortal Classic
  34. In Need of Romance [2011]
  35. In Need of Romance 2012
  36. In Need of Romance 3
  37. Iris
  38. Jumping Girl
  39. K-POP Extreme Survival
  40. The Lady in Dignity (aka Woman of Dignity)
  41. Last
  42. Let’s Eat
    1. Season 1
    2. Season 2
  43. LIFE [2018]
  44. LIVE
  45. Love Cells (Seasons 1-2)
  46. Love for Ten: Generation of Youth
  47. Love Rain (or Watch on Viki)
  48. Magic Phone
  49. A Man Called God
  50. Man to Man
  51. Memories of the Alhambra
  52. Men on a Mission (variety show Knowing Bros)
  53. The Miracle
  54. Mirror of the Witch [listed under Secret Healer]
  55. Misaeng [listed under Incomplete Life]
  56. Miss Panda & Mr. Hedgehog
  57. Ms. Temper & Nam Joon Gi [listed under My Horrible Boss]
  58. Mr. Sunshine
  59. Momo Salon
  60. My Little Baby
  61. My Love, Eun Dong [listed under This is My Love]
  62. My Only Love Song
  63. My Runway
  64. My Wife’s Having an Affair This Week [listed under Listen to Love]
  65. Nightmare High (aka Nightmare Teacher)
  66. Nine: Nine Time Travels
  67. Noble, My Love
  68. Oh My Ghost (aka Oh My Ghostess)
  69. One More Time
  70. Operation Proposal
  71. The Outstanding Woman
  72. Part-Time Idol
  73. President
  74. Prison Playbook
  75. Quiz from God (aka God’s Quiz) Seasons 1-4
  76. Ready for Start
  77. Reply 1994
  78. Reply 1997
  79. Secret Love Affair [listed under Secret Affair]
  80. Solomon’s Perjury
  81. Something in the Rain (aka Pretty Sister Who Buys Me Food/Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food)
  82. The Sound of Your Heart
  83. The Sound of Your Heart: Reboot Seasons 1-2
  84. Spark
  85. Stranger (aka Secret Forest)
  86. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon [listed under Strong Girl Bong-Soon]
  87. To Be Continued
  88. Tong
  89. Under the Black Moonlight
  90. What in the World Happened?
  91. Witch Hunt (variety show)
  92. White Nights
  93. YG Future Strategy Office

Malaysian Dramas

Many of these dramas have the casts speaking in Mandarin, but there are some utilizing Malaysian languages and dialects.

  1. The Adjusters (season 1 & 2)
  2. Age of Glory (season 1 & 2)
  3. Ajaibnya Cinta
  4. Akulah Balqis
  5. The Beat
  6. Dawai Asmara
  7. Dhia Sofea
  8. Exclusive Edition
  9. Footprints in the Sand
  10. Forget Me Not
  11. Glowing Embers
  12. Goodnight DJ
  13. Hati Perempuan
  14. In Laws
  15. The Iron Lady
  16. Justice in the City
  17. Kopitiam (seasons 1-7)
  18. Laws of Attraction
  19. The Liar
  20. Mak Kun
  21. Mind Game
  22. Moving On [in English featuring a cast from the Philippines and Malaysia]
  23. Padamu Aku Bersujud
  24. Persona
  25. Satu Hari
  26. Show Me the Money (seasons 1-2)
  27. Timeless Season
  28. Trio & a Bed
  29. Tundukkan Playboy Itu
  30. Wadi

Pakistani Dramas

  1. Humsafar
  2. Sadqay Tumhare
  3. Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Singaporean Dramas

I believe all of these dramas are in Mandarin. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  1. Against the Tide
  2. Bountiful Blessings
  3. Breakout
  4. Commandos [documentary]
  5. The Dream Catchers
  6. The Dream Job
  7. Entangled
  8. Family Court
  9. The Golden Path
  10. The In-Laws
  11. La Femme
  12. The Little Nyonya
  13. Mystic Whispers
  14. The Oath
  15. Spice Up
  16. Sudden
  17. Through It All
  18. Together
  19. The Truth
  20. The Truth Seekers
  21. The Ultimatum
  22. Unriddle Seasons 1-2
  23. World at Your Feet
  24. Yes We Can!
  25. Yours Fatefully

Taiwanese Dramas

  1. Age of Rebellion
  2. Autumn’s Concerto
  3. Back to 1989
  4. Be With Me
  5. Be With You
  6. Bromance
  7. Days We Stared at the Sun
  8. Easy Fortune Happy Life
  9. Ex-Boyfriend
  10. Fall in Love with Me
  11. Fated to Love You [listed under You’re My Destiny]
  12. The Fierce Wife
  13. A Good Wife
  14. Happy 300 Days
  15. The Happy Times of That Year [listed under The Year of Happiness and Love]
  16. In Between
  17. Inborn Pair
  18. An Innocent Mistake
  19. Just You
  20. Love Around
  21. Love Cheque Charge
  22. Love Cuisine
  23. Love Family
  24. Love Me or Leave Me
  25. Love Now
  26. Lucky Days
  27. Miss in Kiss
  28. Miss Rose
  29. Murphy’s Law of Love
  30. My Queen [listed under Queen of No Marriage]
  31. Office Girls
  32. On Children
  33. Play Ball [listed under Game Winning Hit]
  34. Prince Who Turns Into a Frog
  35. P.S. Man [listed under Womanizer]
  36. Q Series
    1. Love of Sandstorm [listed under Love Storm]
    2. Life Plan A and Plan B
    3. Have You Ever Fall in Love, Miss Jiang? (aka Teacher Jiang, You Talked about Love?)
    4. Close Your Eyes Before It’s Dark
    5. House of Toy Bricks [listed under A House of Blocks]
    6. 1000 Walls in Dream [listed under All About Love]
    7. A Boy Named Flora A
    8. What She Put on the Table
  37. Refresh Man
  38. Singles Villa
  39. Someone Like You
  40. Two Fathers
  41. Wake Up & Wake Up 2: Never Give Up
  42. What Is Love?
  43. When I See You Again
  44. Who’s the One

Thai Dramas

  1. Behind the Newsroom
  2. Castle of Stars (aka Kay Hard Dao)
  3. Chut Nat Fan [listed under Reality of Dream]
  4. Club Friday The Series 7
    1. The Fault of Love
    2. Online Love
    3. The Boring Girl Who I Love
    4. Game of Love
    5. True Love
    6. Home
    7. Choice
  5. Club Friday To Be Continued
    1. Friend & Enemy
    2. My Beautiful Tomboy
    3. The Promise
  6. Girl from Nowhere: The Series
  7. Ha Unlimited (sitcom) Seasons 1-2
  8. Highland: Thailand’s Marijuana Awakening (docuseries)
  9. Hormones Seasons 1-3
  10. The Judgement
  11. Love Rhythms The Series
    1. Accidental Daddy
  12. Love Sick Season 1
  13. Monkey Twins
  14. Oh My Ghost
  15. O-Negative
  16. Petchakard Dao Jorn [listed under Fatal Destiny]
  17. Pidsawat [listed under Blood & Treasures]
  18. Project S The Series
    1. Spike!
    2. Side by Side
    3. S.O.S
    4. Shoot! I Love You
  19. Sot Story Season 1 [listed under Bangkok Bachelors]
  20. The Underwear

No Longer Available on Netflix

I think it may be a bad sign when Netflix completely eradicates the URLs…that probably means these dramas won’t be coming back in the (near) future. Since the URLs are no longer working for these dramas, they have been removed and replaced to sites where you can watch these dramas legally. Some sites do require subscriptions while some do still offer free streaming with commercials.

Chinese Dramas

  1. All Quiet in Peking – Watch on YouTube
  2. Auntie Duohe  (no alternative found)
  3. Beautiful Secret – Watch on Viki
  4. Crime Scene Investigation Center (aka CSIC or iHero) – Watch on Viki
  5. The Disguiser – Watch on Viki
  6. Dwelling Narrowness (no alternative found)
  7. Empresses in the Palace Director’s Cut (aka The Legend of Zhen Huan) – Watch on Viki
  8. First Love – Watch on Viki
  9. Good Times – Watch on Viki
  10. Hey, Kids! – Watch on YouTube
  11. If Life Cheats You (no alternative found)
  12. Keep the Marriage as Jade (no alternative found)
  13. The Legend of Bruce Lee – Watch on YouTube (dubbed)
  14. My Sunshine Director’s Cut – Watch on Viki | YouTube (full series)
  15. Precious Youth – Watch on YouTube (partially subbed)
  16. Romance of Our Parents (no alternative found)
  17. Rookie Agent Rouge – Watch on Viki | YouTube
  18. Shuttle Love Millennium [listed under Love Through A Millennium 2] – Watch on Viki | YouTube
  19. When A Snail Falls in Love – Watch on Viki | YouTube
  20. Women on the Breadfruit Tree  (no alternative found)

Hong Kong Dramas

  1. Elite Brigade
  2. Gambler
  3. IT Champions
  4. My Family Doctor (aka The Family Doctor)
  5. The Neighborhood

Indian Dramas

  1. Siyaasat

Korean Dramas

  1. 9 Seconds – Eternal Time
  2. 12 Signs of Love (aka 12 Men in a Year)
  3. 49 Days
  4. Angel Eyes – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  5. Arang and the Magistrate – Watch on KOWCOWA | Viki
  6. Autumn in My Heart
  7. Bad Guy/Bad Boy – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  8. Baker King, Kim Tak Goo/Bread, Love, and Dreams – Watch on Viki | YouTube
  9. Be Arrogant – Watch on Viki
  10. Becoming a Billionaire/Birth of the Rich/Birth of a Rich Man – Watch on Viki
  11. Birdie Buddy – Watch on Viki
  12. Cheongdam-dong Alice
  13. Chuno/The Slave Hunters – Watch on Viki
  14. City Hunter – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  15. Coffee Prince – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  16. Creating Destiny – Watch on Viki
  17. Cunning Single Lady/Sly & Single Again – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  18. D-Day – Watch on Viki
  19. Descendants of the Sun – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  20. Dr. Jin (aka Time Slip Dr. Jin) – Watch on Viki
  21. Doctor Stranger – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  22. Dream High
    1. Season 1 – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
    2. Season 2 – Watch on Viki
  23. Dream Knight
  24. Fated to Love You – Watch on Hulu | KOCOWA | Viki
  25. Five Fingers – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  26. Flames of Desire – Watch on Viki
  27. Flower Boy Ramen Shop – Watch on Viki
  28. Full House [2004] – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki | YouTube
  29. Full House Take 2 – Watch on Viki
  30. A Gentleman’s Dignity – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  31. Goddess of Marriage
  32. God’s Gift 14 Days – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  33. Go! Mrs. Go! (aka Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil)
  34. Good Doctor
  35. The Great Doctor (aka Faith) – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  36. The Great Queen Seondeok – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  37. Gu Family Book (aka Kangchi, the Beginning) – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  38. Heartless City (aka Cruel City) – Watch on Viki
  39. Heartstrings – Hulu | Viki
  40. Her Legend [listed under Love in Her Bag]
  41. Hero [2009]
  42. A Hundred Years’ Inheritance – Watch on Viki
  43. It’s Okay, That’s Love – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  44. Killer Girl K
  45. Legend of the Patriots (aka Comrades)
  46. Lie to Me – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  47. Love Again – Watch on Viki
  48. Madame Antoine: The Love Therapist – Watch on Viki
  49. Manny
  50. Master of Study (aka God of Study) – Watch on Viki | YouTube
  51. Midas – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  52. Miss Ripley – Watch on Viki
  53. The Moon Embracing the Sun/The Moon That Embraces the Sun – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  54. The Musical
  55. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho/My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox
  56. My Princess – Watch on Viki
  57. Never Die
  58. Padam Padam – Watch on Viki
  59. Pasta – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  60. Peninsula [listed under Korean Peninsula]
  61. Playful Kiss – Watch on Viki
  62. Prosecutor Princess
  63. Protect the Boss – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  64. Real Got7 (reality show) – Watch on YouTube
  65. Road Number One
  66. Rooftop Prince – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  67. Scent of a Woman
  68. Secret Garden – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  69. The Servant: The Untold Story of Bang-Ja
  70. Seonam Girls High School Investigators/Dectives of Seonam Girls’ High School
  71. She is Wow!
  72. Shining Inheritance (aka Brilliant Legacy) – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  73. Shut Up Flower Boy Band /Shut Up & Let’s Go – Watch on Viki
  74. Sign – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  75. Snow Lotus [listed under Lucid Dream]
  76. Spring Waltz
  77. Stars Falling from the Sky
  78. Summer Scent
  79. Syndrome – Watch on Viki
  80. Tamra the Island – Watch on Viki
  81. Take Care of the Young Lady/My Fair Lady – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  82. That Winter The Wind Blows – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  83. Tomorrow’s Cantabile
  84. To the Beautiful You – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  85. Vampire Prosecutor Seasons 1-2
  86. Warrior Baek Dong Soo
  87. When A Man Loves – Watch on Viki
  88. Winter Sonata
  89. A Word from Warm Heart – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki
  90. Yaksha/Yacha
  91. You’re All Surrounded/ You Are All Surrounded
  92. You’re Beautiful – Watch on KOCOWA | Viki

Taiwanese Dramas

  1. Channel-X (no alternative found)
  2. Ice and Fire of Youth (no alternative found)
  3. Love Forward
    Watch on DramaFever
  4. Princess’ Stand In (aka Substitute Princess)
    Watch on DramaFever
  5. A Taiwanese Tale of Two Cities (no alternative found)
  6. Zhong Wu Yan (no alternative found)


  • Thank you!!!! I just finished watching Lie to Me and started to watch Playful Kiss. I really appreciate the list! I’ll be able to watch a few more now. Thanks again 😀

    • You’re welcome!

      • Hi Nee Nee, I found cunning Single Lady on You tube. I just finished watching it. It was a wonderful to watch. I loved the main characters laugh. I watch all the Drama ones, they are all good….

        • I am happy you found it. I had meant to say it was available on DramaFever or Viki since Netflix stopped streaming it. But glad you did manage to find it. I haven’t given that drama a go.

      • they need to add w: two worlds a korean drama its too good

        • That drama is available on Viki at least.

    • There are more than 100 Japanese dramas on Netflix. Japanese drama have bee around for years already in thenUS market. Japanese drama been around for 35?years and been popular in the Asian market.

      • It is only recently that television series from Japan have started to be added to Netflix libraries outside of Japan. Yes, I do know that there are quite a few Japanese movies on there. When I say drama for this list, it is in reference to television series, not to movies. It’s way too hard to keep a list of all the Asian movies available.

    • Omg i love playful kiss so much i watch it 3 times already

      • AG6JU  Niko 

        Nicole, if you like Playful Kiss Korean version, you will love Thai version. Thai version is called Kiss Me. There’s also Thai version Full House. Both dramas with English Sub are on YouTube. I like Thai Full House better than Korean, although both are good.

  • The drama “Hero” is also on Netflix, but to my knowledge that’s the only one you’re missing. I wish they hadn’t gotten rid of those other dramas!

    • Thanks! I’ll have to add it to the list. I know, I was disappointed when I found they got rid of most of them. It was sad as they had some DramaFever & Mvibo didn’t

      • Try Kdramas (crunchyroll) its free and has some great ones, Slave hunters (Chuno), YI San, the Mighty Chilwow, were great.

      • Just want to know I was watching a series on Netflix an Asian series but don’t remember the name and I have been searing but can’t find it. It’s about a married couple who got divorced but now she’s working in her ex husbands firm because he is now a millionaire. It is funny and witty. It’s a young couple, the reason they divorced is because he didn’t tell her he was resigning from his job. Thank you

        • That’s series is called cunning single lady or something similar. That was a great series too 🙂

    • The Hero, Japanese drama is good

    • There is no japanese drama on Netflix called hero. They have a movie call Hero, but it is a chinese movie with the male lead a japanese man. All of the other actors and actresses are chinese. They do have a japanese tv drama name Hero, but you can’t find it on Netflix. They have it on Kissasian. I look to see could I find this on Netflix, but the only one they have is a movie made in 1997, starring Takeshi Kaneshiro.

  • Thank you the list! I’ve been looking everywhere to see what dramas are available! =)

    • You’re most welcome! They have quite a few available on DVD, but not so many on streaming. So I go to DramaFever and MVIBO for other shows.

  • Pasta and Scent of a Women are also on Netflix.

    • Not Pasta. I really enjoyed streaming it on my computer. When I finally got ROKU, Pasta was gone. Does anyone know if it will come back?

      • The streaming rights come and go and some dramas are brought back, but I’m not sure where you can go to find out. Maybe their FB page or their official blog? You can watch Pasta on Hulu and DramaFever.

        • Is there a season 2 for ” Secret affair ” ?

  • Hi,
    Just wanted to let you know that they now have Protect the Boss on Netflix too =D

  • More are being added and a tip, I found that alot of people beg for kdramas on Netflix Facebook page and suggest shows. So please send more people to do that and we may beat Hulu for kdramas.

    Newly Added:

    Prosecutor Princess
    Flames of Desire
    Stars falling from the sky
    Creating Destiny

    I hope Personal Taste, My Lovely Sam Soon, Princess Hours, Coffee Prince and alot more show up. This is the best I’ve seen from Netflix ever on streaming.

    • Watching an Asian series on Netflix. It was about a young couple who divorced and she divorced him because he resigned from his job. In meantime she wants him back because now he’s a millionaire. It is funny and witty.. I have no clue what the name is and now can’t find it. Thank you and have a nice day

      • Sounds like Cunning Single Lady

        • Can’t find it I have searched but not showing cunning single lady, all that is showing is playful kiss, secret garden, and boys o over flowers and you are beautiful. If I could find the actors or even one actor I could search it. Thank you for your time. There is nothing worse when I am watching something I like and then I can’t find it. I should have written it down lol.

          • Its cunning single lady. I love that show too. Unfortunately, its no longer in Netflix that is why its not coming up anymore when you search. Just try to find it in other website. Maybe youtube or dramafever.

  • OMG PROTECT THE BOSS!!!!!!!! lol im gunna so watch this now :3 thanks

    • You’re welcome! I am going to try to be better about keeping this list updated more frequently. I am now watching Protect the Boss, too 😛

      • Try scandal and Phoenix, I think I watched them on Kdrama or dramfever, oh and the mighty Chilwow, was great, but Slave hunters I watched twice!!! all 20 episodes

  • Do you know why they took off you’re beautiful?

    • No I don’t. I haven’t crossed it off yet as it said “coming soon” so I think it will be back streaming again.

  • Has there been anything new added since the 9th? How about you’re beautiful, is it coming back and when?

  • You are beautiful is backkkkk~~~~~~ I would be cautious bc alot of reviews state that episode 3-5 have wrong subs. If anyone knows if this fixed now, let us know please. Maybe that’s why it got pulled off to begin with, hmmm

  • Thank you so much for this list!

    • You’re welcome! I am trying to be better about checking for new Netflix content every few weeks.

  • For some reason when I type in City Hunter it says no results. I tried other dramas too but no results! I’m going crazy here

    • That’s funny. I just checked my instant queue and did a search and everything is showing up for me…

    • I have the same problem! The same thing happens with many of the anime titles I’ve tried to watch. I called the website for help and they told me it was likely liscencing expiration, which I now know isn’t the problem.

      • Hmm. That is weird. I haven’t checked out the anime in my queue recently, but I just checked out kdrama My Princess and it works just fine. I wonder if it’s a location thing…? But I’m not sure how much that makes sense. Their streaming content should work for everyone…

  • bad guy is on netflix

    • Thank you. I do have it on the list already. It’s #2.

  • Its bad Guy not bad boy.

    • Yes, but Netflix had it under Bad Boy, plus I’ve seen the title translated as Bad Man, Bad Guy and Bad Boy.

  • Dream High 2 is on there now, not sure if there are more. Looks like there’s more coming I hope.

    • Thanks for the tip, Noona. I was thinking there was more on the way & will try checking it out tomorrow 🙂

  • Catherine Jackson

    Hi i was wondering which one you think is the bes? :]

    • Best is highly subjective to what you like 😛
      But I recommend Stars Falling from the Sky, You’re Beautiful, and Shining Inheritance.

  • I found I’m a cyborg but that’s okay

    • Hmm, if I’m not mistaken that’s a movie. Right now I’m only doing dramas. It’s really hard to keep up on the Korean movies they have coming and going with streaming, but there’s definitely a lot more than streaming dramas.

  • I just finished watching the Korean drama Miss Ripey and it was awesome! I am a mixed African-American and I am obssessed with Asian tv and film! It is always interesting to explore how other cultures deal with daily life and situations, incl. through watching such on tv or film. Miss Ripley was exciting and involved. I was sad when I watched the last episode on Netflix! Does anyone know if there may be more besides the 16 episodes of that show? Thanks…

    • Hi Cal.
      So…are you asking if there are more episodes/seasons in store for that particular drama? If so, then more than likely not. Korea doesn’t do a lot of multiple season dramas (there are, of course, some like Vampire Prosecutor, etc.). And if there is a second season, half the time it’s with a new cast and slightly altered plot (i.e. Dream High 2, Full House 2, etc.).

    • Since I started watching Korean drams I haven’t once watched any US TV, I get DramaFever, Kdrama free and have Netflix and Hulu which has an entire category with over 100 Korean Drama, Korea does ongoing series with no breaks between YI SAN one of my favorites was 77 episodes, they ran weekly until the conclusion. So season can run for a year or more, if there is a second show it might be the same title and theme but usually all new characters and different plot. Slave hunters was a great one to watch saw it 2x, to tell the truth I haven’t seen one I didn’t like

  • Secret garden!! So good! I was in tears the last few episodes !

    • It was definitely a different drama and their was great chemistry with the leads…but I was kind of disappointed in the plot overall. But definitely a recommended watch for a new drama that gets rid of some of the more overdone drama tropes.

  • Netflix is going to do a whole lot better if it wants to out do hulu.

  • Netflix should also hurry and give kdramas there own category

    • Korean TV Shows has a sub-genre of Korean TV Dramas and that’s the best way to see all the kdramas Netflix has.
      Hulu I think is partnered with both DramaFever and Viki to bring you the selection of Kdramas that they carry. I like that they have some that DramaFever doesn’t (since Viki doesn’t have a Roku app yet), but I hate that I have to watch commercials 😛

  • full house is also on there too (:

    • 49 days and heartstrings just added to Netflix this week I think.

      • Thanks, I had checked a little earlier this week, but hadn’t seen anything new. I’ll get them added soon.

  • Boys over flowers was my intro to Korean tv dramas on Netflix, been hooked ever since. Great idea to post updates!

    • Glad to hear you’re hooked 🙂 There’s some great kdramas out there and I’m happy Netflix is making them more widely available as is Hulu and DramaFever.

  • I don’t know if you noticed, but I went to finish watching Secret Garden today and I got a notification about how “you may have noticed your netflix has changed” .. now I can’t even get the Korean dramas to come up. Did something happen with the US to change internet permissions from South Korea or something?

    • I’m having no problem accessing Secret Garden from the US. Streaming permissions and rights always vary and change…but I honestly don’t know.

  • Thank you so much for the list!!!! I really appreciate you taking the time to share these! I just started watching Secret Garden. That’s one of the main reason I got Netflix was to watch the korean dramas

    • Hey dose anyone know if absolute boyfriend id on netflix. i read the books and can’t wait to watch.

      • It is not on Netflix to the best of my knowledge. The Taiwanese version can be found @ & the Japanese version can be found @ D-addicts.

  • seen almost some of them wish you could put more of the newer ones that are coming out….there wonderful

  • Will there be a season 2 of Lie to Me? Love this and can’t get enough. got everyone watching.

    • More often than not most Kdramas have only a single season, so chances are slim for a 2nd season.

  • Shut up, Let’s go was newly available yesterday while some dramas are going to be expired on 3/1/2013. [Good bye, Boys over Flowers. 😦 ]Hopefully they’ll have new additions soon.

    • They’ve been adding quite a few Korean movie titles of late and not so many dramas. Several dramas have expired and come back again, so hopefully the ones leaving won’t be gone for long.

      • Do they have English subtitles?

        • The sites we are talking about do have English subtitles. There have sometimes been problems with the subtitles, but they are there.

    • Just finished watching Boys over Flowers ….. in love. Lol
      My first Korea Drama was Flower Boy Ramen Shop

  • Thank you for updating the list! It’s so hard to search for them on Netflix. I just use my TV, and Netflix doesn’t always suggest Korean Dramas.

    • I know, it’s a bit annoying. Even if you search on their website, they don’t have all the Korean dramas under the kdrama category.


    two or four more, THANKS, THE LIFE THAT THEY LIVE, DAEMUL,

    • I’ve been checking regularly and haven’t found any of those titles available…

  • 12 Signs of Love(Ilnyeone Yeoldu Namja) has been just uploaded.

    • Thank you. I kept checking and hadn’t been seeing anything new.

  • “200 pound beauty” is also on Netflix (:

    • That’s a movie; not a multi-episode drama.

  • can download korean dramas here

    • …or you can watch it at viki or dramafever!


    • Watched it. Love ShinEE and f(x). That, however, is not a drama but a documentary. *cough*

      • Very true. I have 1/2 to go & it’s done. It’s not over all a bad documentary, but I have this feeling of it being scattered & I wonder why they chose which artists in which specific group yo highlight.

  • OMG I hope this list will work on my Netflix. They removed the Korean dramas
    front my local T.V. station and I haven’t seen one in more than two years.

    • The list here should still work (unless they removed any titles from their streaming library).

  • road number one and tamra island are both not on Netflix streaming I just checked just to let you know

    • Yeah, I know that shows come and go thanks to streaming rights, so it’s hard to keep up with all the ones that are still current and active.

  • NINE dramas are added today! I checked.
    They are:
    Dr. Jin (I’m so happy about this. It is like an early Christmas gift from netflix. Watching JaeJoong in HD. I’m in heaven.)
    Rooftop Prince
    The Great Doctor (aka Faith)
    A Hundred Years inheritance
    Cheongdon-dong Alice
    Arang and the Magistrate
    Five Fingers
    to the Beautiful You
    A Gentleman’s Dignity

    • Thanks for the tip. I just checked on Thanksgiving or Black Friday and hadn’t seen any new titles, so I wasn’t going to check back until mid-December.

  • I was wondering if anyone could help me find a show that I don’t know the name of. It was something about a celebrity getting his life saved (or something like that) by a ‘commoner’ and somehow they get married or are pretending to be married (I really don’t remember) and she lives in The house with him and she hates him at first but then falls in love or whatever. But yeah that’s all I remember. If anyone might know the name of it, that’d be great!

    • Sort of sounds like Full House… But the poor leading lady didn’t save his life…

      • I think its ” Oh my Lady”

  • happen to catch the great doctor and dr jin. both were excellant and fun to watch… well worth the time… acting was supperb and the produciton was excellant… out standing

  • They seem to have taken Hero off. They show me the reviews but there is no way to play it. Thanks for this comprehensive list!!

  • korean movies become my favorite since i watch dr. jin and the great doctor,,the actors and actresses really awesome, i hope there will be the great doctor 2 or faith season 2 and dr. jin season 2,

  • they’ve taken to the beautiful you down 😦

  • you could put the language beside the movies

  • Recently added That winter, the wind blows and When a man loves.

  • Could you update this list please? I know Heartstrings and Dream High Season 2 have been down for awhile, but I’m not sure about some of the others.
    Also, To The Beautiful You is still up for me.

  • This is such a good list I’m happy that you put this up. Netflix is why I started watching Korean dramas and because of the lack of dramas that were on Netflix at the time I had to go websites like dramafever and viki(which is my favorite) now I can watch the dramas on Netflix again without commercials. I’m so glad the put “The Great Doctor” on there and “Rooftop Prince” their such good dramas. I hope they put “Good Doctor” and “the Innocent Man” on Netflix soon.

  • They have started streaming Taiwanese dramas also now

  • Thanks for the list I hope it stays updated. 🙂

  • where to find the most japanese drama?

    • Japanese dramas are the hardest to find on legitimate sites. DramaFever andf Viki have managed to license some jdramas. Crunchyroll also gets at least on jdrama simulcast every season.

  • Just a minor update: Pasta is no longer available. I’m not sure what else was removed with it.

    • Thanks, either tonight or tomorrow, I’ll go through and link check to see which dramas might have left with Pasta.

  • Please bring back Fullhouse,Dreamhigh,Midas, Slave Hunters and Autumn In My Heart. Thank You

  • Thanks for this list!! It’s tough to find these shows if you don’t know what you’re looking for, and I never know what I’m looking for!
    Wish there were more Chinese/Taiwanese dramas though. Oh well, we all know kdramas are most popular in the usa 🙂

    • You’re welcome. I really wish we could find more variety and not just mostly kdramas, but I guess we have to take what we can get and be satisfied with it. Hopefully the library continues to grow. I check back periodically for anything new.

  • WHen i get on Netflix, there is an extremely small amount of Korean dramas….I don’t understand why. Maybe they get rid of everything?

    • It really has to do with streaming rights and how long they’ve negotiated to let dramas run. They used to have quite a bit at one time, but they are losing quite a bit each time you go.

      • Thanks for the reply. I am so sad that Netflix does not have that many now, forcing me to go to Dramafever. As I don’t pay for Dramafever, there are so many advertisements.

        • Before i became a premium member there was like only 4 advertisement breaks. Now i here people complaining of a large amount which is sad. That was a complaint of mine about Hulu which had some dramas DF didnt, you still got commercials even though you paid.

          • I think that Dramafever is connected with Hulu now. The video on Dramafever has Hulu brand on it. And on average, each episode has 5-6 advertisement. Each advertisement runs from 100-145 minutes.

  • Netflix could use some more K-drama but I feel Netflix is trying to spin too many plates at once causing them to take off a bunch of the content. Also what is up with the ones they do have? If they are only allowed to have 20-30 shows on there might as well make sure they are the top rated shows or more popular overall.

    They need to add Dong Yi, Jumong, The Moon that Embraces the Sun, Gu Family Book, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Bridal Mask, Jewel in the Palace/Dae Jang Geum, My Love From Another Star, The Master’s Sun, Coffee Prince, Doctor Stranger, Angel Eyes, and Pinocchio when its done airing. Not all these are the highest rated but some are more popular and watched more kinda like Heirs. Also some that I would name are already on Netflix or have previously been on Netflix.

    My Girlfriend is a Gumiho is also called My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox

  • I find they are adding more movies than dramas now. I think because so many are already seen and the viewership is low compared to the movies. Maybe I should compile a movie list. I’m always surprised when I see one pop up. KUNDO got added super fast!!

    • I’ve thought about a movie list, but have never attempted. If you make one, i’ll definitely check it out 🙂

      • I definitely will. I always add it to the reviews for koreandramareviews Movie Monday. I wish they added more Japanese movies though! I want people to see some of the great ones I have but are really hard to find!

  • Four more were added
    Coffee Prince,
    a word from warm heart,
    K-pop extreme survival and
    good doctor!
    I’m so excited because I’ve only seen the 1st and last one

    • Thanks for the update! I had just checked last week and they only had Fated to Love You and Doctor Stranger then.

  • I clicked on vampire prosecutor and it says only 1 season but when you look it is season 2 :/

  • Aww man. They removed so many dramas this time around. I was actually about to go watch “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho”. Oh well.
    Also, which version (country/state) is “God’s Quiz” available in/on? Cuz it’s not on my Netflix. I really wanna watch it 😦

    • If you want to watch, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, you can watch it on Viki, which shows really well, but you have ads with this. I don’t know whether you want to subscribed to Viki, but if you do, it only cost $3.99 month and you get unlimited Korean, Taiwanese, China, Thailand, dramas, in high-definition. They also have, God’s Quiz, too.

      • Yeah I know Viki. But God’s Quiz isn’t available to me here. Not licensed or something. So that’s why I was excited that the list says it’s on Netflix. But it’s not for me 😥

  • Oooh! Netflix just added, “It’s okay, that’s love”!

  • wondering, the great queen, souiduck, the good doctor, dr sin, any more along these lines.. all of them were great.

  • It also have angel eyes

  • I decided to dive into Vampire Prosecutor.
    Just a heads up: Netflix has only season 2 up.
    Currently watching season 1 on drama fever… despite the ungodly amount of ads.
    YouTube, Viki, and a few other sites I checked didn’t have season 1 available either. *shrugs*

    I’ll keep checking back, and if I find anything (new, unposted, or corrections to current post) I’ll share my findings.

  • Arang and The Magistrate isn’t on netflix anymore, or at least I can’t find it. It was in my list and now it’s gone and I can’t find it when I search for it either

    • Last time I had checked through the list it was still there, looks like it is gone now.

  • It’s great that all these great Kdramas are available on Netflix, but do they have subtitles and if so how can I turn on the/watch with the subtitles?

    • I do believe they all have subtitles. Netflix, unfortunately, isn’t necessarily set up to automatically play subtitles, so you have to go into the settings and choose your subtitle information. On my Roku box, it’s pretty straightforward. Every time I’m on a movie, I always check subtitles and language to make sure they are turned on. I don’t know about how this works on other devices.

  • Just a quick recommendation: Moon embracing the Sun. My wife and I loved it. Smaltzy, dramatic, beautiful and thought provoking… totally refreshing. It has gotten us hooked on Korean dramas. We want to see more… We want to learn more!

    Thanks for the list!

  • A Gentleman’s Dignity has also been removed from Netflix. 😔

  • Also, Hulu+ has way more K-Drama offerings than Netflix.

  • My first kdrama I watched on Netflix was “Secret Garden” after this series i became hooked. Through a converstion with a friend at work i was told that “Boys Over Flowers and Coffee Prince” were just as good. I watched them as well along with “Angel Eyes and K-Pop Extreme Survival”. Just finding this site alone has been helpful. The stories are great, the actors really draw you in. Thank you for the Netflix update. I will be adding those movies to my list.

  • To the Beautiful You is no longer available. I’m so sad.

  • I’m sad there’s only 19 K-Dramas left. List below.
    Angels Eyes
    Fated To Love You
    Coffee Prince
    K-POP Extreme Survival
    The Moon Embracing The Sun
    Good Doctor
    Doctor Stranger
    Goddess Of Marriage
    It’s Okay, That’s Love
    Gu Family Book
    Playful Kiss
    You Are Beautiful
    A Word From Warm Heart
    Secert Garden
    The Great Queen Seondeok
    God’s Gift – 14 Days
    She Is Wow
    In Need Of Romance
    Boys Over Flowers

    • I somehow count 25 in total. Not every kdrama title available is listed under the category Korean TV Shows. I’ve updated the ones no longer available with the frowny face.

  • Thank you for this great site. I have recently discovered k-drama and I’m so hooked! Move over Mr Darcy! I

    • LOL, thank you! I’m still not sure I could shove over the awesome Mr. Darcy, but kdrama male leads…it’s awfully tempting. But who am I kidding? Nothing will ever replace P & P for me.

      • My thoughts exactly! Good to know great minds think alike. Thanks for this site, it’s the best on the internet for k-drama addicts like me

  • I’m glad to find your website. Was on Netflix today and could no longer find the “subgenre” “Korean”. So disappointed. With the recent addition of so many newer kdramas and movies I thought Netflix was finally realizing their popularity. Then, this month they dropped so many of them along with the movie subgenre. I’m glad to find your website since it will make it easier to at least find the kdramas again. Thank you!!

  • i liked it, but i would like to know how to order an asianovela called Boys Over Flowers, and other titles in DVD form for a collection.

    • You can find Korean dramas on DVD on Amazon or you can check out YesAsia. I bought my first few dramas on DVD from there, but be warned they can be super expensive.

  • please let me know when you have the information to my question

    • You can buy the dvd on amazon but it’s $40. Hulu has a great collection of kdrama and I recently subscribed to Drama fever which is all asian dramas. They have an ap too.

  • So the disappearance of dramas has really been bothering me. I was chatting with one of the Help people and just wanted to know if there was going to be anything to beef up the selection again (I know of at least 4 Taiwanese dramas getting the axe in August). Her name was Jennifer and she was really nice and said that she would explain my desire for more dramas to the selection team. Now this may not do much, but if anyone else feels like they want to hope over and ask, there is a bit of strength in numbers. and THANK YOU to the keeper of this list. You’re beautiful!!

    • You’re welcome. I am glad you find it helpful. I know that other people say you can go to Netflix’s facebook page as well and put in requests. If enough people contact them about Asian dramas, it would be nice if they worked hard to get more titles and keep them around longer.

  • Can anyone help me with the name of a Drama. Her husband is a doctor and she is a housewife.She has a little girl.Her husband is involved with another woman and she separates from him.She finds someone else and then her husband tries to come back. That is the only thing I can remember. I have looked and looked and can’t find it.

    • Hmm, sounds like a pretty typical setup for a daily or weekend Korean drama. I tried googling it, but haven’t come up with that exact plot. Sorry.

    • Sounds like one of the storylines in Words from A Warm Heart-but the husband is not a doctor.

  • Hello! It appears that ALL the Taiwanese dramas have left Netflix? I’ve put them in individually and nothing. Sadness!

    • There was talk that they were leaving soon & I guess that has happened, I’ll double check.

      • I checked for all the Taiwanese ones too and they are all gone!

  • if you have not watched any of these shows, your missing a rear treat, i started with The Great Queen Seunduk and from their have check out ever one i could find. Arang and the Magistrate , was fascinating and interesting depicting ghost, god, demons and the grim reaper… i contacted Netflix about more of these shows and was advice their license had expired to import these movies. they are suppose to be reacquiring a new license. if they didn’t lie to me only time will tell

  • i contacted Netflix about the Korean dramas, i was told they did not renew their license to import these shows….

    • That is in and of itself the biggest problem with streaming sites. There’s a whole lot of logistics involved with gaining the rights and if they deem shows worth the effort and expense to obtain the licenses.

  • watching Your so beautiful now… its a fun movie,,, acting i great…. girl joins boy band as a boy….. and the mishaps start.

  • These all seem to be disappearing, one by one. Anyone know if more K-Dramas will be added any time soon?

  • Just download the DramaFever app. It’s free and has lots of drama options!

  • I have been watching krdramas since 10 months and I have watched all which was available on Netflix and now m wanting more.. Could any one tell which is the best site to watch Korean dramas free..m in so love with the kdramas everyday i on tv just to see new k dramas on Netflix but they have not added new since months I wish they add more to the list.

    • I can recommend two sites that are pretty good. has A LOT of k dramas (also J drama’s and Taiwanese drama’s) and some movies too! Pretty much any drama you could think of, and their really good at keeping up with the new ones currently on. doesn’t have as many dramas as dramafire, but their video quality is usually pretty good. Good luck and Happy Watching!!!

  • Hi all.. Hope u all enjoying watching kdramas..I am looking for some romantic high school dramas like playful kiss and boys over flower kinda.. Please suggest some romantic dramas..

    • I LOVE watching K drama’s!!! I haven’t seen too many high school k drama’s, but I can most definitely recommend the K drama, To the Beautiful You. It’s about a high school girl who disguises herself as a boy so she can transfer to the all boys school her crush attends. It’s hilarious at times, but it can also be serious, the cast is great and it’s easy to like most of the characters. I can also recommend the drama, Shut Up Flower Boy band. Like Boys Over Flowers, it features several gorgeous guys with a real close knit friendship. It also has a huge music element to it if you don’t mind that. Anything else might be on this list:

      Good luck!!!

  • I didn’t see it mentioned, but Atelier is a Japanese drama that’s available on Netflix. In japan, it’s called Underwear.

  • Lucid Dream has been added, but it’s a mess. It looks like an “edited for North America” version of a real show. Atelier shows up too, but I haven’t checked it out. Apart from that, the list grows smaller every month (presumeably as licenses run out), with few to no additions of K-Dramas, but lots and lots of Bollywood stuff, which I find dull and silly, mostly, less interesting that Korean shows.

  • Jon Paul, you will most likely love Atelier; we watch Asian dramas enough to know what is good. Of course, that is subjective, but at the same time, shows like Atelier avoid a lot of the tropes that come with K/J/T/drama watching. No amnesia, no “I’ll die soon after finding the love of my life”, no “he says he is my brother – and I’m blind – and I am becoming really fond of him” or the obstinate young rich guy and the honorable poor girl fated to link up at some point, if only one of them will step to the other with less attitude. Key indicator for better dramas for us: a couple of mature actors in the cast lineup. Atelier has that, plus real human dynamic stuff where you can see the best of us in some of us. Others like this (though not on Netflix maybe) are Secret Love Affair, Heard It Through The Grapevine, Midas, A Woman’s Credentials, and Miseang (which completely nailed the concept of Korean Drama minus silliness). If looking for dramas and you can’t find them on Netflix, look to Viki, or others. Hope you like some of what you see on my short list. If you have a few, shout them out!

  • Correction on a Kdrama above: A WIFE’S Credentials is the title.

  • Great list – and thank you for continuing to update it! I love Korean TV shows (my favorites are Boys Over Flowers, A Gentleman’s Dignity, and Secret Garden) and wish that Netflix would add more shows rather than keep removing them. I hope people write to Netflix to encourage a broader database of Korean TV.

    Also, if you like Korean TV, you might want to check out some Turkish TV shows too. Highly entertaining!

  • Today, 01.23.2016, I saw the following Korean dramas on Netflix. Secret Affair (Secret Love affair), This is My Love (My Love Eun Dong), and Beating Again (not sure the name the other name for it.

    I do know the first two came from jtbc. Secre Affair is one of my favorites.

    • Thanks for the tip! They’ve been added along with a few more new titles.

  • I don’t see Coffee Prince on there anymore. Did I miss it somewhere?? I’ve been looking everywhere for it. 😦

    • Looks like Netflix has removed it along with God’s Gift: 14 Days. You can watch Coffee Prince on DramaFever, Viki, and Hulu.

  • Hey! They released a new Japanese drama called Good Morning Call! It’s on-going but it’s a really good series.

    • I can’t find this on Netflix in the US. 😦

      • Good Morning Call is in the US now.

  • Tamra the Island is on Netflix, at least as of yesterday when I started watching it.

    Also, thank you so much for this list! It’s a lot of hard work and you have no idea how much I appreciate it ^^

  • Noticed some new Korean dramas on Netflix Canada as of March 15, 2016: Tomorrow’s Cantabile (a.k.a Cantabile Tomorrow remake of J-drama Nodame Cantabile), Full House Take 2 with Hwang Jung Eum, Birdie Buddy, Padam Padam, 9 Seconds – Eternal Time, Tamra The Island, & Korean Pennisula.

    • Also, seems like Good Doctor is gone from Netflix Canada.

    • Thanks for letting me know! I’d been very busy, so it had been awhile since I had last checked.

  • I m looking for an app like Netflix in which I watch k dramas only that too for free and on tv.. So there is any app for tv which I install for free. And tell me some good dramas that are streaming on Netflix I have been looking for some romantic comedy kdramas as I have watched almost all dramas that were till 2015.

    • Crunchyroll is a free app. You just need an account and you can get a free one. You won’t have access to their full library and you’ll have to watch commercials, but they do carry Asian dramas, too. Hulu carries DramaFever titles, but you have to be a paid subscriber to use their TV app and the same goes for Viki’s app, too.

      • I just suscribed Hulu and m surprised and excited to see no. Of Korean dramas.. I m not watching anything else except kdramas.. I feel like n obsessed with kdramas.. I almost watched 10-20 dramas till now and still watching more.. Now I wanna go to South Korea😜😜.. I wanna try that typical Korean food that they show in dramas..

        • It’s not so surprising. Hulu has a partnership with DramaFever and carries a lot of their catalog with a few extras from when they had an agreement with MBC.

  • Coffee prince is still available and it is by far one of my favorite romance dramas next to you are beautiful as well. If you like romances with some funny gender bending these are the series to watch. The firstly episode of you are beautiful was hard to get into but after that it’s all up hill I’m glad I got through that firstly episode because it was amazing

  • For those who want to watch the ones that are missing go to It has almost any asian drama out there. Also, for the most part, it is free. The only time you have to pay is if you want hd, or if you want a premium account. Certain shows you can only watch with premium account, but those are mainly movies.

  • What does the unhappy faces stand for next to the titles?

    • I do explain at the top of the page, but it stands for the fact Netflix once had the drama streaming, but at last check it was no longer available. Truthfully, Netflix isn’t the best place for Asian drama fixes. Viki and DramaFever are your best bets and Crunchyroll streams select Japanese dramas as well.

  • where is scholar who walks the night starring lee joon gi?

    • It is available in its entirety with English subs on DramaFever, Viki, and I believe Hulu as well. You’re better off looking there. Netflix really remains not the best place to watch Asian dramas.

  • Hi, thanks very much for compiling this list! I wanted to check with you as to whether you know if You’re Beautiful has been removed from Netflix, or am I just not searching correctly? I’d added it to my list, & it’s not there anymore (& a search for it doesn’t seem to bring it up). This may sound like a newbie question, but is that done — just remove the show, especially without informing viewers who’ve had it on their lists?


    • Yes, it has been removed from Netflix’s US library. This happens quite frequently. It’s been removed and readded before, so fingers crossed it won’t be off for too long. Once upon a time, Netflix put expiration dates on items in your queue, but this feature no longer seems to exist (unless I’m missing it), which sucks.

  • update: netflix has removed boys over flowers. its use to be on my top list and now its gone );

  • Secret Garden is not on Netflix anymore. But, Hulu has a k-drama tv category. Have recently watched Descendants of the Sun and Secret Garden. I now find myself repeatedly re-watching episodes of Secret Garden, even though the damn thing makes me cry. I wish this little gem was one of the few k-dramas with multiple seasons. Twenty episodes wasn’t enough. The lead couple, Hyun Bin and Ha Ji-won are fun to watch. And Ha Ji-won being handed that “Sector 7” script made me laugh.

    Yeah, I’m a guy watching k-drama, so what? It’s not just for girls, but men secure with their manhood, too! 🙂

    • Hulu, in partnership with DramaFever streams a lot of Korean dramas. Usually a bit behind DramaFever. They also have an excellent anime selection.

      I must admit that I never truly 100% understood the popularity of Secret Garden. It had its moments, I’ll give it that, but for me it fell flat in many respects.

  • thank you for your hard work 😀

    • You’re welcome! I can be bad at keeping this updated, but I do try when I have the time.

  • Thank you for consistently updating! Appreciate your hard work. 😊👍🏾

  • Thanks for the work you put into this list! It’s hard if you don’t know what to look for when checking out sites like What’s On Netflix.
    A suggestion? Moving the shows that are no longer available into a separate list, or perhaps making those that are available a bright color would make the list easier to navigate. While it’s frustrating to know a show is gone, have info no longer pertinent makes it harder to wade through than necessary. Just a thought.

  • Itazuna na kiss drama Japan

  • Aigooo, I can’t get enough of South Korea. Thanks for this list. I just bought a Maaanchi cookbook to make bibimbop! Cha Cha Cha…..

    • I bought Mangchi’s cookbook and cant wait to try out more of her recipes.

  • hello , i was searching about an old serie named the water margin , i didnt find it , i was wondering if you could help me ?!!!

  • I’m searching for a drama I watched 2015-2016. It’s about a poor married couple who ends up divorcing because the girl thought the guy was never going to be successful and then years later, he is the ceo of a large tech company and the girl ends up working there as an intern. Can anyone help?

    • Sounds like Cunning Single Lady

  • They have put up a bunch of TW-dramas this month I have seen. A good portion of them are under alternate titles though.

  • does anyone know the name of the movie where the girl is ugly has a mole and teeth that stick out but has her mole removed and teeth repaired so now she looks beautiful. the guy that wasnt that interested in her now finds that he likes her and always had. I saw this one on netflix in 2015 around the same time as coffee prine was showing and wanted to see it again but dont remember the name.

    • Sorry for the delay, I could only think of a Thai drama and I know that wasn’t what you were looking for. I finally remembered just now, lol. That would be Princess Stand In or Substitute Princess. It’s a Taiwanese drama.

  • Hello I was wondering if anyone knew the name of this series that used to be on Netflix…

    It is about a girl who is a work a holic. Her father is a great chef and her little sister is very carefree. Her boss is her ex boyfriend and her co workers all good people but a bit nosy.

    Anyway. One day she is told a lie by her dad sister and ex boyfriend that shitnhas a terminal illness and will soon die. They tell her this so she can go on vacation and enjoy sometime off away from work . On the island she is vacationing (depressed because she believes she is ill) she meets a man who has been looking for her since their college days because she lent him a pencil during an importwnt exam and that literally saved his study career.
    He is a rich CEO. When he sees her he tries to introduce himself but she ends up telling him she is dying and that she will never have kids or get married.
    So he helps her fufill her dream. Marries her and even asks so,e children to spemd time with her as if she was their mother.
    This happens in a span of a few days while still on the island.

    So anyway… She finds out she isnt dying when she got back from vacation. The CEao also finds outout and he is furious because he think she used him for his money. He tries to bully her while her company and his company are in the middle of making a deal… later he forgives her and well.. its a hilarious but very sweet drama. I never got to finish it. It had about 70 plus episodes. I remember all of that but that was only about 10 episodes. Haha…

    I wish I remembered the name. It was on Netflix up until this past spring i think. But it came out 2014 or 2015.
    I think it is called Love Now but I can’t remember. When I google it something else pops up and I don’t see it on this list. Grrrr

  • Omg i just realized it was a T drama not a K drama. Haha oops! Found it!

    • Sounds interesting, what’s the name of the drama.

      • Love Now. Aka Zhen Ai Chen Xian Zai. You can watch it on both Viki & DramaFever, I believe.

  • I have a dvd movie, Hero, with Zhang ziyi. She’s so cute. Good Morning * Call is so hard to watch because Ueriha is so emotionally abusive. Love this list, thanks!

  • Autumn’s Concerto is back on Netflix

  • senekang camelia

    hi, someone can help me ? i see a drama in netflix but it was not my count the story is about a tv representer ans a “cook” man they star a relathionship ans the girl gt pregnant thas all i know

    • Hmm, to my knowledge if I’m guessing based on the plot that would be The Greatest Marriage which as far I know was never on Netflix. It is available on DramaFever.

  • The Chinese drama empress in the palace is seriously really. Only 6 episodes and I wished there were more. The show leaves a bitter taste on your tongue. No happy ending, just peace after so many death.

    • This is the abbreviated version released in the US. The drama is actually a whopping 76 episodes. Viki is streaming the series in its entirety.

  • Korean: Autumn’s Concerto and Operation Proposal seem to be back.
    Taiwanese: You’re My Destiny/Fated to Love You, Office Girls, Miss Rose, The Prince Who Turns into a Frog, Love Cuisine, The Queen of No Marriage/ My Queen
    Japanese: Good Morning Call

    Not the best selection on Netflix right now and I mainly use DramaFever since I have a premium account, but asian dramas always pop up on my recommended list…. and unrelated, does anyone know if DramaFever is going to eventually going to get W? It’s a exclusive to Viki right now and the ads would drive me crazy. I’ve never really run into a case where Viki has had a Kdrama I wanted to watch before DramaFever so I was wondering how long the exclusive rights usually last. If the wait is is super long I suppose I could suck it up for a Lee Jong Suk show…

    • It’s possible. Sometimes there is quite a long lull between being licensed on Viki before showing up on DramaFever. I think it depends on how long Viki contracts the exclusivity. Some dramas licensed on Viki, obviously, have never made it to DramaFever. I do have a Viki Pass which at $3.99 a month isn’t bad. You could get it for the time it would take you to watch W and then cancel when its done.

  • I noticed that “Descendants of the Sun” has been added to Netflix Canada.

  • Descendants of the Sun has been added!!

  • Descendants of the sun is on netflix!!!!

    • I checked in Netflix but I couldn’t find it

      • Are you in the US? If so, you should be able to access it here:

  • Added recently

    be with me
    love cheque charge
    be with you
    when I see you again
    someone like you
    Murphys law of love
    fall in love with me
    love rain
    ice and firs of youth

  • I am so glad I happened upon a few of these on Netflix. My favorite so far is Tomorrow’s Cantabile and also loved Beating Heart.

  • Goodbye Mr. Black is on Netflix

  • I have watched all of these. Are there going to be any new releases soon (like before Christmas)?

  • Boys over flowers is available on Netflix again

  • Everybody needs to see Descendants of the Sun before it’s run on Netflix is over! Great, great series!

  • D-Day is a great series too! Very interesting storyline (massive earthquake hits Seoul).

  • Am I officially trash if I have watched every version of Itazura Na Kiss? LOL! I can’t get enough of Kotoko and Irie in any language! Miss In Kiss (new Taiwanese version) still has a few more episodes to air before it completes the first story arch but I am hoping they will follow the Japanese manga/show and continue on with the story of their post-marriage life! Out of all the interactions, I’m really loving the one in Miss In Kiss versus It Started With A Kiss (1st Taiwanese version) vs Playful Kiss (Korean) vs Mischievious Kiss (Japanese). The main male protagonist is mean but not cruel and the female protagonist is ditzy but really loveable!

    I also finished Good Morning Call and My Little Lover! Highly highly highly recommend! Can’t wait for season two of Good Morning Call!

    • And .. there’s a new Japanese movie featuring the high school years and then there’ll be one for the college years. There’s a Thai version, too. It makes me dizzy. LOL

    • I didn’t know there was going to be a season 2 of Good Morning Call. Need to finish that. You are talking to a person who is a version-stalking queen. I’m particularly fond of finding and watching adaptations of classic British novels. Dickens, Austen, Bronte, etc. I own several versions of movies based on those books. So, I do this in Asian drama a lot as well. Believe it or not, I have not watched any of the Itazura na Kiss’s all the way through. Not the original Japanese, new Japanese, original Taiwanese, new Taiwanese, Korean, or Thai. I’ve started them, but never finished them. I saw the previews for the new Japanese movie versions, but don’t know how well they can do the actual plot justice.

      I highly recommend Minami-kun no Koibito, too. This version is different from the original version starring Arashi’s Nino (have it, haven’t watched it yet).

    • Hi I watched this drama on Netflix where in the end the main guy proposes with a balloon and he gets all these children to give her balloons and the last one has a ring tied to it and she lets it go and it flies up into a tree and they end it with them trying to get it down but I forgot the name of it do you by any luck know the name of it

      • This sounds so freaking familiar, but I can’t place the name of the drama…

  • Great list. I searched a long time for one I watched on Netflix a while back that I wanted to see again. It was not here but I finally found it. Called Pretty Man. It’s a really good one that is now gone from Netflix but is on DramaFever.

    • I never saw that on Netflix. I do know that you can watch it on DramaFever. Only watched the first episode of that. I’m so bad at finishing dramas I start.

  • I just finished Fall in Love with Me and Bromance they were Awesome!

    • Still haven’t gotten very far into Fall in Love with Me. I did love Bromance, though.

  • I found a Hong Kong drama currently on Netflix called Elite Brigade F.S.D. Might wanna add that one.

  • Kellie Roberts

    I am a female veteran that served in S. Korea in 83. I enjoy watching the Korean dramas but prefer the ones for the older generation, Go! Mrs. Go!’and Heavens Garden! I love that they’re not all about sex, cussing etc. I have noticed that they promote a LOT of drinking in their shows and I find this sad! Could you tell me of the shows that I would enjoy in my age group! BTW, my 12 year old grandson loved hello my twenties and is now watching playful kiss! He wants me to take him to S. Korea!

    • Drinking is heavy even in Western dramas at times. If you believed soap operas, it would paint us as all closet alcoholics and drug addicts with bad attitudes and loose morals. I regret that when my dad was stationed in Yokohama, Japan and South Korea that I never got to visit him. That would have been such a great experience. It would be nice if you were able to take your grandson to where you were stationed in 83.

      I don’t know if you would like it, but there is My Last Scandal which follows late 30s, early 40s leads. I do have a review of that drama on my site. And while there were problems (and possibly a lot of drinking) with the plot of I Am Legend, I did like that you had women from all generations come together and prove that “ahjummas” are awesome. I will have to think more on dramas like Go! Mrs. Go! The lead actress there is one of my favorite older actresses.

  • singles villa, my little baby, my only love song, man to man, under the black moonlight, 28 Faces Of The Moon, All Quiet in Beijing (Peking) were all added recently

  • Netflix has “My Love Eun Dong” but they call it “This is Love”. Also “Night Light”, called “White Lights”. I don’t know why they and DramaFever insist on giving these shows new names. They already come out of S. Korea with 2-3 names as it is. At least searching the names on DramaFever will usually give results with the drama you’re looking for. With Netflix, if you don’t know the name they’ve given it, it’s a crap shoot of browsing and hoping you’ll recognize it from whatever poster they used.

    • Yeah, I don’t like how Netflix has them sometimes under completely different titles which can make searching hard.

  • You forgot to mention that the K-drama “Train To Busan” is also available to watch on Netflix. It’s missing from the list.

    • Oh, my bad. You’re just listing TV Shows. “Train To Busan” is a movie. Do you know what K-dramas are coming in August 2017?

      • Sadly, I haven’t found an August list with any drama updates, so I don’t know if that means there is none or they just aren’t included.

  • Excited to see All Quiet in Peking, The Disguiser, and Qin Empire! Hopefully they’re going to pick some of critically acclaimed republican era dramas like The Red, Lurk, and Battlefield 1938 in the near future. I really want to try Ming Dynasty 1566 too

  • We have been watching Chinese drama on Netflix but your list is an extensive collection and the most complete I have seen. Thank you!

  • You miss: the sound of your heart.
    Korean tv show

    • Thanks for your comment. I double checked, but it *is* currently listed. It’s between Solomon’s Perjury and Spark.

  • I just started watching Best Lover on Netflix and I’ve noticed this weird thing-> While Netflix says it’s in Mandarin it is streaming the undubbed version meaning that the Korean actors speak Korean and the Chinese actors speak Chinese 😀 I mean, it’s kind of interesting in a way because it shows a little bit about how co-productions with different languages come to be 😉 but isn’t that kind of bad of Netflix? Are they unaware that they are doing that? Do they think people in Western countries can’t keep these languages apart anyway so why bother..? or what? Any thoughts? Is that normal? It’s the first time that I am watching an East Asian drama on Netflix so..

    • I was surprised that it was toted as Chinese and was ot dubbing over the Korean actors. We are supposed to believe they really understand each other when completely talking in two different languages.

  • Is there a UK version of this list?

    The reason I ask is that the list of dramas on Netflix UK is a little different compared to what you have up there like IRIS was recently added but I guess for the US version, it used to be there and then was taken off.

    • I wish I could have multiple versions of this list, but being US-based, I don’t know how to check availability in other countries.

  • Dorcas Nkrumah

    I think Boys Over Flowers is back on Netflix

    • Thanks, I will have to check again. I didn’t see anything new Asian-drama-wise when I checked on Monday.

  • Seeking help! I watched this drama on Netflix that I loved but I can’t remember the name. And I have looked all over and I don’t see it. Can anyone help me with the name of it? It’s about the worst school of the town. The students are in the worst building in RM 309 (or 306 I believe). They get a new teacher that portrays as a weak teacher but is actually the adopted son of a bad guy. The show follows the students life. One of the kids is bullied on a daily basis that leads to him selling drugs in the school. The other is about the bad boy in school and falling in love with the new girl that is an escort to pay for her stepdads drinking problem. And the other is about a good boy, his crush and his best friend. The teacher helps these students a lot and the students start liking him when they usually hate teachers.

    • Do you know if it was Korean, Chinese, etc?

      • No, sadly I don’t

      • I saw it two months ago on Netflix and now I don’t see it anymore

        • Doesn’t sound 100% familiar to me. There are a lot of school dramas around with similar plots. One of the most recent school dramas removed was Seonam Girls High School Investigators, but that doesn’t sound like it could be it. There is God of Study/Master of Study, but that has been off Netflix in the US for a long time now. Wish I could be of more help. I don’t think I Am Sam/I Am Your Teacher was ever on Netflix and I know Junglefish wasn’t as those two stick out at me as “maybe”.

  • Is it just me or the C Drama The Rise of Phoenixes is only a trailer? I can’t actually watch the drama and the episodes aren’t listed. Do you know if it’s like that for everyone or just me? Whatever the case do you maybe know how I can find out when it will actually be available to watch? Thanks in advance!

    • Nvm I found and article saying the first 15 ep will be available this Friday.

      • Sorry, I mentioned in a blog post that the drama is coming soon (Friday). As long as I find a valid link and I know the drama will begin streaming soon, I add it so I don’t forget to later.

  • Dancing Angels looks like it is 非常女生 with

    • Ahh, thank you. I was scouring all the usual sites and missed that!

  • Your post is on Oct 15th, and as of Oct 16th the Dramafever site has officially closed…

    • The irony. I hadn’t been on Dramafever too much recently to know there were some red flag happenings. It is sad but not wholly surprising that they decided to shut down.

  • I’m looking for this drama about a girl who moved to several schools and is now on highschool. Rumors have already spread about her giving bad luck to people with a touch. A dude who plays baseball doesn’t believe those rumors and starts to fall for her while her childhood friend also does to. She told her childhood friend I’ll date you if you get taller than me. Another kid in 1st year also has a secret of meeting her before. A school delinquent also has a past with her.

    This is about how far I got in the drama.
    I want to find the name but can’t find it on Netflix. I looked on my list and continue watching but can’t find it.

    I hope someone can help me find it again. Thank you.

    • I’m looking for this drama about a girl who moved to several schools and is now on highschool. Rumors have already spread about her giving bad luck to people with a touch. A dude who plays baseball doesn’t believe those rumors and starts to fall for her while her childhood friend also does to. She told her childhood friend I’ll date you if you get taller than me. Another kid in 1st year also has a secret of meeting her before. A school delinquent also has a past with her.

      This is about how far I got in the drama.
      I want to find the name but can’t find it on Netflix. I looked on my list and continue watching but can’t find it.

      I hope someone can help me find it again. Thank you.

      I also believe that she had different choices and it showed each choice as if you can choose her love story

    • Found it

    • That is the drama Click Your Heart starring the members of SF9. Unfortunately DramaFever was the on streaming the drama and no other streaming site like Netflix, Viki, or Kocowa are currently streaming it with subs.

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